Mara – Boulder Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant

 Professional Credentials
  • Interned with Shannon Kole of Pavlov
  • Mentored under Moses Higgins of K9 Obedience Training
  • Pavlov Certified Dog Trainer
  • Horse Trainer at Horse N Around TRC
  • Emphasis in Canine Behavior Modification

Mara has two exceptionally well-trained personal dogs, including a loyal Aussie Shepherd mix, and a Doberman who responds smoothly to commands in Russian. Both turn heads as they heel seamlessly off-leash through the downtown streets of Denver. As for her original training experience, Mara was a horse trainer and stable manager for Olympic level sport horses in San Diego.

Following that she was an Animal Habitat Keeper for a wildlife sanctuary in North Carolina, where she trained mountain lions, bears, and otters for tricks and mentally enriching activities.

Mara later expanded her training from wildlife to dogs.  Dogs boarded and trained in her home in North Carolina, and she coached dog families privately.  She later interned with Shannon Kole of Pavlov Dog Training, through ‘The Client Experience Internship’.  Later she learned from Moses Hugghis from K9 OTC who specializes in dog sports.  Moses taught her how to activate dogs’ primal drives in a manner that builds confidence.  She’s currently working with a local dog training club to train her doberman puppy for personal protection.

When not dog training, Mara may be found managing her writing company.