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Despite our small size and locally owned status, Pavlov’s dog trainers are the top-of-their-profession, gold standard.

Pavlov’s dog trainers were voted Best Training in Denver 2014-18 through Denver A-List.  We are the most Google-reviewed Dog Training company in Denver, and former clients give us a solid five-star status.

Dog Trainer Review - Christopher Fayles

Beagle car borderWe first contacted PAVLOV because our dog, Barkley, had guarding issues with some of his favorite toys. His guarding issue lead to biting on several occasions and we feared that he would only get worse.

Not only did our trainer outline a plan for Barkley, but she also took time to explain what could have caused the issues. After just a few meeting and a little homework we began to see a huge improvement with Barkley’s guardian issues. Instead of running away and tensing up with his toys, Barkley began to want to give us his toys.

'Barkley' and Shelly, Chris Fayles 3.12.2013We have one happy beagle!

Dog Trainer Review - Sam Rushton

Denver Dog Trainer Review

Shaina makes the whole learning process fun, exciting and easy for both the dog and the owner.  I will be the first to admit that my dog Avi is not the easiest dog to work with.

I contacted Shaina immediately after adopting him and we started on the 5 week program. From the first time Shaina met Avi she had a way of making him listen and understand what she wanted him to do. She helped me to understand what I needed to do to have the same effect.

Denver Dog Training ClientsAvi is almost unrecognizable from when I first got him.  He is far more focused, he listens and knows how to act in many situations.  Shaina also helped me out with situations when she wasn’t there. I was introducing Avi to a friend’s dog and it wasn’t going to plan.  After a few text message with Shaina, the dogs were getting along a lot better.   …I am hugely impressed with the time, effort and dedication Shaina has shown to me and Avi.

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Dog Trainer Review - Leigh Knauert

Dog Trainer ReviewWe recently completed the 5 session puppy training with Shaina. She was fantastic!  Our puppy loved her from the minute she first arrived at our house.

Shaina was easy to work with, flexible in scheduling, accommodating and patient with my three children who wanted to be part of the training. She also has the perfect balance of professionalism and ability to have fun in the process. Our puppy responded extremely well to the training methods Shaina uses and we have continued with our homework and he continues to master his new tricks and commands.
I would highly recommend Shaina and Pavlov for anyone needing some puppy training direction!

Dog Trainer Review - Starbird Family

newton borderTanya is not only talented but extremely brave. We approached her with the challenge of helping us with Newton, our crazed Jack Russell, who has energy to power the city and defines ADD in the dictionary. Tanya didn’t hesitate and took us on a step-by-step journey to learn how Newton thinks and to work with him in a way that he could relate to.

Tanya helped us learn how to better understand our pal, to get him to respect us, and to set him up for success.

Denver Dog Trainer ReviewA dog who 8 weeks ago was practically ripping my arm out of its socket, now walks with me on a loose leash that I can hold with my finger tip. All thanks to Tanya.

Not only would I recommend Tanya, I would urge you to have her do her dog impersonations which are both entertaining and educational at the same time!

Dog Trainer Review - Jude Liguori

Jude Liguri

(Dog Trainer Review)

Bailey was originally jumping and nipping on everyone before we contacted PAVLOV Dog Training. Tanya taught our big dog to sit and stay instead. Charlie barked at me to gain attention, and he growled at my little Pomeranian, Buster over food. Through her techniques, they are eating peacefully together and she is a pleasure to work with.  Our lab Bailey is learning to behave and our senior basset, Charlie, is learning to be polite. My doggies love her. Worth every penny…..