Dog Training Careers

Perhaps you’re a professional trainer and you’d like to join forces with a winning team.   We are looking to fill open positions!


  1. Private dog trainer.  (Actively Hiring)    
  2. Board & Train dog trainer.  (Actively Hiring)

COMPATIBLE CANDIDATES will enjoy teaching and coaching.  We thrive working with both people and dogs. People might describe us as chronically curious.  Compatible trainers will think analytically and enjoy troubleshooting.  If a dog is struggling with one approach, we will seamlessly pivot to plan b…or c, or d.  Creativity runs in our blood, as does the ability to easily read people and dogs. Trainers take full responsibility for managing their clients…and creating happy ones.


  • Skilled in traditional, contemporary, and humane electronic collar training.  (Or genuinely curious and eager to learn.)
  • Experienced dog trainer.   
  • Able to work independently.
  • Availability during peak times, evenings,  weekends.
  • Available for 15-20 private weekly lessons.

Compensation is dependent upon what you bring to the table.  Which skill sets can you demonstrate?  What investments are needed to get you to a good place? 

WHY PAVLOV?  There are benefits to working with Pavlov.

  • Be part of a fun, bright team!
  • Be part of a solution-focused team.  (Unnecessary drama need not apply.)
  • Help people and dogs.
  • Competitive compensation.
  • Marketing, advertising, and booking is taken care of for you.
  • Enjoy modern apps.  This will streamline your job.
  • Continuing Education


Email Tanya your resume, along with an explanation for how your skills might fit in with our team. Applicants will be invited to submit training videos with a specific list of obedience to demonstrate.  Selected applicants will receive an invitation to schedule an online interview.  From there we propose interviewing in person.

Information provided to Pavlov will be verified prior to a job offer.  Give us a reason to contact you.  *Details are your friend.