Dog Training Internship

Tuition $5600. Are you looking for a dog training internship or a dog training apprentice program?  If so, you have options!  Interns start with The Client Experience and progress through each program in the order listed below.

Dog Training Internship Programs

  • The Client Experience

    This is the first in a series of dog training internships.  The Client Experience is just as it sounds.  We enroll you and your dog in obedience level one and two.  Credible dog trainers begin with an exceptionally well trained personal dog and there is no point in training other people’s dogs, until your dog is a shining example!   Once your dog is earning compliments from strangers, then you have leg to stand on.

    This program will give you the chance to experience what it is like to be a Pavlov client and get to know us.  Do homework, follow your dog trainer, and learn how the process works.  Get a sense for how we coach and make training palatable – if not enjoyable – for clients.

    This program also gives us a sense for who you are…your learning style, drive, personality, as well as your skills as a dog trainer and ability to follow through with assignments.

  • Board & Train

    Shadow Pavlov’s senior dog trainer, and watch dogs advance through board and train programs. Observe Pavlov’s unique hybrid approach which combines traditional training with contemporary training.  Learn safe animal handling skills, and get a sense for when a dog is ready to upgrade to the next level, and when it’s best to take it slow.

  • In-Home

    Shadow in-home training lessons with our senior dog trainer. Mentally absorb the structure of each lesson, and watch how we balance organization with flexibility, so clients get the most return on investment. Watch the troubleshooting process unfold.

    From here you will do tandem training.  Tandem training is a fun way of saying that you and your mentor take turns teaching clients.  For example, if we plan to cover three lessons during an appointment, your mentor will take two lessons, and you’ll take one.  Or vise versa.  This gives you a chance to practice teaching skills, while your coach is present to fill in any gaps.  Clients appreciate the bonus of having two trainers.

Scheduling is flexible.  Future Pavlov dog trainers are often pulled from this program. Click here to apply for a dog training internship.

PAVLOV? It rings a bell.

Here are tips on how to make it in the dog training industry.


  • Enroll your dog in as many group classes as possible, with as many dog trainers as possible.
  • Dog walk, pet sit. Train those dogs.
  • Foster for your local animal shelter. Train those dogs.
  • Work in an animal shelter. (volunteer or paid) Train those dogs.
  • Work in vet clinics, doggy day cares, or boarding facilities.
  • Enroll in dog sports.


  • Work with as many dog breeds as possible. (Herding breeds, protection breeds, retrievers, hounds, terriers, etc.)
  • Enroll in online classes.
  • Maintain video journals of dogs you’ve trained.
  • Participate in dog training forums on Facebook.
  • Follow Pavlov on Facebook.
  • Attend dog training seminars.
  • Attend a dog trainer academy.

Coaching Skills

  • Expand your teaching skills.
  • …Coaching skills.
  • …Customer service skills.

Internship Application