Group classes are helpful for those who wish to learn from the top ranked dog trainers in Denver, while maintaining a conservative budget.    This is an intermediate level class, on leash, in a winning venue.   

Agenda Items.  

Lesson 1.  Nerdy lecture…with a hint of flair.  Settle.   Self sooth.   Training tools & philosophy – uncensored.

Lesson 2.  Dog’s name.  Engagement.  Sit and Sit/Stay.

Lesson 3.    Down and Down/Stay.   Formal release.   Leave it.  Out.

Lesson 4.  Loose leash walking.    Navigate left and right turns.  Avoid these common walking mistakes.   Dog walking tools.  Advocate for your dog – when and how.   (Reactivity on leash is address in Leash Drama Program.)

Lesson 5.  Heel.  Cue to slow down, speed up.  Puppy Olympics.


  • $245 Enrollment.  Payment is due in advance through online payment or check.
  • 5 Lessons
  • 55 minutes
  • Located in the Highlands.  Fire House, 3300 Tejon St, Denver.

OFF leash obedience is offered through in-home training.