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Level 1 Obedience


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Dog Obedience – LEVEL 2 (off leash work)

Do you want to know with assurance that your dog will come to you when you call, regardless of the presence of a rabbit or squirrel?  

Dog Obedience Level 2 is for clients who want their dogs to respect obedience cues out in the real world, when there are passing dogs, chirping squirrels and interesting smells to investigate.   And while it’s one thing for a dog to respect our cues in the living room, it’s whole other ball game when it comes to respect cues while in the presence of distractions. 

Dog Obedience Level 2 teaches dogs learn to come when call off leash, free, and untethered!   Training begins in safely enclosed outside spaces, and progresses to off leash spaces and hiking trails.  

This is for clients who want to hike and enjoy Colorado’s trails with the freedom of allowing their dog to walk off leash!