Jed – Client Relations Specialist

Meet Jed! Jed helped train and manage board and train pups in south Denver prior to transitioning to client relations. He’s held a behind-the-scenes presence for several years, caretaking for the pups and providing animal husbandry. Adjectives that describe Jed include: engaging, warm, keen, and aware. Given the presence of a stocky English bulldog, his head will turn. His heart dog is a boxer. He was a pastor for eight years and is skilled in public speaking and community building. Jed genuinely enjoys connecting with people and he has experience representing luxury brands, so when a part-time position opened, Jed was the obvious shoo-in.

Outside of Pavlov you might find Jed golfing, gaming, or heading to the waterpark with his wife and toddlers, inflatable innertubes in hand.