Private Puppy Program
(Puppies under 6 months) $1100

Pavlov’s Program prioritizes house training, nipping, and destruction. And we lay a foundation of obedience, and self-control exercises.  The program includes:

  • 4 in-home lessons, 50-60 minute sessions
  • One week of homework between lessons.
  • Group Classes: 2 Months Membership in Group Classes after completing private lessons.
  • Scheduling. We book private lessons nearly every day of the week. (If you have a vacation planned, we will navigate around your schedule.)  Group classes are Saturdays and Sundays from 1:15pm 2:15pm.  Join the fun at 1295 S Jason Street, Denver.



  • Sit / Stay
  • Down / Stay
  • Name Recognition (PROMPTLY look the moment you call.)
  • Introduction to come
  • Leave it
  • Walking politely on the leash
  • Not jumping on people
  • Not jumping on prohibited areas


  • Respecting people’s personal space
  • Giving people the right-of-way
  • Politely greeting guests
  • Gently taking treats
  • Politely walking through doorways


Customized Puppy Training

Pavlov’s programs are customized for your puppy’s specific needs. And while we may not get through all the lessons mentioned above, you and your trainer will discuss priorities, and training goals during your puppy’s first training session.


Pavlov’s approach to socialization is a bit counter-culture. Have you ever visited Europe and noticed the calm, biddable demeanor of dogs in public? Did you know that European dogs rarely attend puppy socialization class? Pavlov understands that there are pros and cons to socialization classes. We will teach you how to foster a socially stable dog that combines the benefits of both approaches.


PAVLOV Dog Trainers

Google Five Stars-matchedPavlov’s dog trainers were voted Best Training in Denver (2014- Present) through Denver A-List. We are the most Google reviewed Dog Training company in Denver. And former clients give us a solid five-star status.


Puppy Program Approach

Puppy Training

Pavlov is skilled in traditional and contemporary dog training. Naughty behavior is corrected, and polite behavior is rewarded.

Your dog trainer will assess which consequences will be most effective for your puppy, as that is dependent upon your puppy’s unique personality and preferences.

Puppy Training Reviews

Schnauzer, puppy training “I’m very type A and spent about 3 months researching in-house dog trainers before our puppy was even born. PAVLOV kept coming up in reviews. We just finished Obedience I and our dog trainer did not disappoint!” -Rebecca Bentzen

Puppy Training“My family and I originally hired PAVLOV because found them on Denver A-List. We adore our dog trainer!” -Eddie Wu

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