Professional Credentials
  • Horse Trainer & Stable Manager at OKL Eventing
  • Animal Habitat Keeper at Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation
  • Intern with Pavlov Dog Training
  • Experience in Canine Behavior Modification
  • Horse Trainer at Horse N Around TRC

Mara has two exceptionally well-trained personal dogs, including a loyal Aussie Shepherd mix, and a Doberman who responds smoothly to commands in Russian. Both turn heads as they heel seamlessly off-leash through the downtown streets of Denver. As for her experience training animals, Mara studied equine psychology and sport horse training under various Parelli trainers, including time as a trainer and stable manager for eighteen sport horses from Novice to Olympic levels in San Diego, California.

Following that she was an Animal Habitat Keeper for a wildlife sanctuary in North Carolina, where she gave interactive keeper talks and cared for a variety of exotic animals. Mountain lions, bears, elk, otters and others learned trick training through her expertise, as she rewarded incremental baby-steps towards her end objective.

She expanded from wildlife training to dog training when people within her social circle recognized that she had a special skill.
Dogs boarded and trained in her home in North Carolina, and she coached dog families privately. Now in Colorado, she helps private dog training clients in Central Denver.

When not dog training you might find Mara spending time with her two pups, or managing her writing company.