Molly – Dog Trainer Helper

 Professional Credentials

Molly comes to Pavlov from Puppy Patch in Santa Fe. Puppy Patch is a branch under the Espanola Humane Society which specializes in rescuing puppies under twelve months old, and transporting them to states with high adoption rates, like Colorado. Puppy Patch taught Molly necessary skills to be a dog trainer. Namely, the art of caring for a large numbers of dogs, and managing socialization groups. She administered basic medicine and introduced puppies to leash-walking. She also coordinated and finalized adoptions.

Molly also has an academic foundation in dog training from Animal Behavior College, which is an online school for dog trainers. This followed an internship where she received hands-on training. This knowledge opened doors, and soon after Molly accepted a dog training internship at Animal Humane Society in Albuquerque, where she taught polite manners to puppies to increase their adoptability.

In her spare time, you might find Molly wearing a ski mask on a mountain chair lift, or doing Colorado-things.