Professional Credentials

Skyler was born and raised in Texas before moving to our Mile High City.
Skyler is a graduate of Starmark Dog Trainer School in Austin, Texas. She lived on campus and was responsible for training two rescue dogs from start to finish, including a leash-reactive pittie named Gus. Smitten with Gus’s new skills and handsome face, she adopted Gus at graduation and considers him family. Skyler raves about Starmark Dog Trainer School, as it blessed her with strong skills in both on and off-leash obedience, an understanding for behavior modification, and solutions for common issues like leash reactivity.

Upon graduation, Skyler accepted a trainer position with Quail Creek K9. Quail Creek blessed her with her first hands-on professional dog training experience. Skyler is grateful for this experience for many reasons, including that it underscored the importance of embracing all training tools and approaches, otherwise known as balanced dog training. Skyler later accepted a position at Sunset Acres Ranch in Florence, Texas, as a balanced dog trainer. At Sunset Ranch she trained dogs enrolled in the board-and-train program and coached clients on how to maintain the good stuff.

When not dog training, you might find Skyler exploring all things Colorado.