How To Become a Dog Trainer

How To Become a Dog Trainer It really seems like a dream, doesn’t it? Dog trainers get to help owners communicate with their new…

Guarding Behavior in Dogs

Case Study: Barkley the Beagle   Barkley the Beagle is emotionally bonded to pumpkin-shaped chew toy. ¬†Barkley’s love affair with his toy has become…
Dog Guarding

Separation Anxiety

2020 was tough on all of us. Luckily, we had our dogs to get us through! However, now that things are returning to “normal”…

Help! My Dog Eats Goose Poop!

Case Study: Chaffee Chaffee is an alert terrier with a penchant for seeking out and consuming goose poop (and other miscellaneous objects). Any attempt…

K-9 First Aid & CPR

You’ve heard of First Aid certification for people, but have you heard of it for dogs? Eric Roth is a certified paramedic who takes…

Puppy Preschool

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