Welcome to Pavlov Dog Training! We train Denver’s most charming family dogs.

Are you looking to upgrade your dog’s manners or resolve a behavior issue?  We can help!  Select from puppy preschool, or board and train.  Once your dog graduates a boarding program, doors will open.  For one, your dog will receive lifetime access to group classes and pack walks.  Secondly, your dog may qualify for boarding with benefits.  This way polite manners are maintained when you go on future vacations.

Board and train programs are two to three weeks and include three handover lessons.  Your dog will sleep in a cozy space and train throughout the day.

How are We Different?

  1. Socialization groups 3x daily
  2. Traditional + Contemporary training
  3. Lifetime support with pack walks + group classes
  4. Boarding options after training

Accolades + Awards

  1. 1,000+ 5 Stars on Google
  2. 150+ 5 Stars on Yelp
  3. #1 Trainers in Colorado (Pooch & Harmony)
  4. #1 Denver Dog Trainers (Fresh Chalk)
  5. #1 Training (Denver A-List 2020)
  6. #1 Dog Handlers (For Denver Lover’s)
  7. #1 Dog Training in Denver (3 Best Rated)
  8. Neighborhood Fave 2023 (NextDoor)
  9. Best of Mile High 2023
  10. Best Training in Denver (Expertise)

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Congratulations to Corey and Maise for completing their program!

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Suns out, tongues out! 🐶 ...

Take a sneak peak at what to expect from our FREE lifetime Group Obedience Class for all Pavlov Obedience Graduates!

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Maggie, Max, and Hank took a field trip to pick up some dog food with us today!

It’s ruff work maintaining a Heel inside a store with dogs and treats around, but this crew showed off their skills beautifully!🐾

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Aussie colors of the rainbow! We definitely had to grab them in a different color. #pavlovdogtraining ...