Welcome to Pavlov Dog Training! We train Denver’s most charming family dogs.

Are you looking to upgrade your dog’s manners or resolve a behavior issue?  We can help!  Select from puppy preschool, or board and train.  Once your dog graduates a boarding program, doors will open for you.  For one, you are welcome to attend group obedience class at no additional cost.  Secondly, you are welcome to attend recreational group classes.

Board and train programs are two to three weeks, and include three handover lessons.  Your dog will sleep in a comfortable space and train throughout the day.

PAVLOV’s Training Approach

Pavlov advocates for a healthy hybrid of traditional and contemporary training.  Some call this balanced dog training.  Rude, naughty behavior is directly corrected.  Polite behavior is liberally rewarded. Your dog will learn that wise choices are advantageous.

How Are We Different?

  1. Traditional & Contemporary dog training
  2. 3 daily socialization groups
  3. Obedience grads appreciate access to recreational classes.
  4. 4.9-5 Stars on Google; Most reviewed in Colorado
  5. 4.9-5 Stars on Yelp: Most reviewed in Colorado
  6. Best Training in Denver (Expertise)
  7. Voted #1 Training (Denver A-List 2020)
  8. #1 Trainers in Colorado (Pooch & Harmony)