Tell me about boarding with benefits!

Your dog will…

  1. NOT practice naughty behaviors in a typical dog kennel, nor with an overly permissive pet sitter.  😉
  2. Practice house manners. (no jumping, no incessant barking, and crate manners)
  3. Socialize 3x daily in playgroups.
  4. Rest easy in a structured environment with familiar humans.
  5. Be viewable on our social media story.  A video is posted every 24 hours.
  6. Intermittently attend group training sessions and packwalks, and demonstrate behaviors for the new pups.
  7. Receive a twice-weekly update, which is emailed to you.

What are the prerequisites?

Graduation from a board and train program.  Puppy preschoolers do not qualify.   Click here to apply.

If you completed an in-home program, email as you’ll have a hoop to jump through before qualification.  Your dog must peacefully coexist with other dogs and settle in a crate.

Questions & Answers

Q: Who may apply for Boarding with Benefits?
A: Board-and-train grads with permission from their trainer.  Grads from in-home programs may qualify after a brief four-day boarding program called Manners Camp.

Q: What is the cost?
A: $80 per day.

Q: Will you train my dog during their boarding stay?
A: Obedience training – no.  (Sit, down, stay, come, heel)  If you wish for your dog to brush up on obedience, and you want them in our daily training cue, consider a touch-up program.  But, passive training – yes!  Passive training addresses house manners and etiquette. Your dog will practice no jumping and no incessant barking, and crate manners.  They will work on social skills.