Don’t over-vaccinate… Titer test!

Over-vaccination in Dogs

A healthy dog is an appropriately vaccinated dog, not an overly-vaccinated dog.  It’s important that we expose our pups only to what is necessary. With vaccinations, that may mean fewer of them! But how do you keep your dog safe from disease while avoiding too many vaccines?

Consider a titer test.

Titer tests show the level of antibodies for certain diseases that your dog has in his blood. This is determined by a blood test. If your pooch has strong antibodies for parvovirus, for example, why continuously pummel his immune system with more vaccine? Over-vaccinating reaps major profits for Big Pharma, but if your pet already has the antibodies she needs to protect against disease, additional vaccinations may be unnecessary. It could even be downright harmful.

On top of that, vaccines are not usually dosed according to weight. All dogs receive the same amount of vaccine, from Chihuahua to Great Dane. Owners of little dogs often find that their dogs have major negative reactions to vaccines because they are given too much at one time.

After your dog’s puppy vaccinations, let them receive 1-2 years worth of boosters. Then request a titer test. Titer tests can be completed every 3 years. The only vaccination legally required for the duration of your dog’s life is Rabies. The other tests can be done at your discretion, based on the results of your dog’s titer testing.

Fortunately, more vets are offering titer testing, specifically holistically-savvy vet clinics.  For more information on titer testing follow this link for UW School of Veterinary Medicine or check out this great presentation. If you’re in the Denver area, we love to refer to Pets on Broadway.

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