Feeding Dogs Raw Food – From Ick! to Hmm….?

Feeding Dogs Raw Food

The first time I heard that people feed their dogs raw meat, I may have had the same vocal response as you, Well hello Salmonella! Please, meet my dog’s intestines. My thoughts retraced the early 1990’s Jack n the Box episode in which a small child died after consuming uncooked meat doused in salmonella. So why even consider raw?

Truth is, dogs are more designed to consume meat and less designed to munch corn and wheat. After hearing more of our friends rave about it, my husband and I decided we’d give it a 3 month trial run and at the end of three months, I’ll tell you what we find.

Now that we’re just starting off we have a few initial questions: will her stool change? Is she going to loose weight or chunk up? Will this effect her coat? How about her teeth?

Our Chow has been on the diet for one month and I will say that for the first time in her life she gets excited about meal time.   Four weeks into the diet and her teeth have lost some tartar build up and her stools would make any mother proud!

For more information on raw feeding check out Raw Dog Food & Company.

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