PAVLOV Dog Training Portland
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My very sweet rescue, Carl was in need of some training. Although he loves all people, we had an issue with him jumping on them to try to lick their faces. The other biggest issue for us was pulling on the leash. Kylah came VERY highly recommended by a friend who is in the industry. Kylah worked with him on the main issues and discovered he also had some aggression toward other dogs so she worked on that too. Carl came home a perfect gentleman! Some neighbors even asked if he was the same dog! I would also highly recommend Kylah and Pavlov. Worth every penny!
Meredith has truly saved the relationship my wife has with our 1 year old blue heeler (Blue). We inherited our dog after it needed to be rehomed and while we knew our heeler would be a bit intense in terms needing to get their energy out, after 6 months, we both felt a bit over our heads.Since Blue has undergone the 3 week board and train with Meredith at Pavlov, it feels like we finally found the missing puzzle piece to work with our dog and the knowledge to be better dog parents. We cannot thank Meredith and everyone at Pavlov for helping us!
Response from the owner: Cheers to Team Blue. 🥂
We worked with Meredith, who magically transformed my anxious and naughty girl, Ashley, into a well behaved and much more confident version of herself. She is a dream to walk, her recall is excellent, and she pays attention to me and what I want. An unintended benefit is that she came out of her shell and loves to play with other dogs, which is great for her mental and physical health. Meredith also gave us lots of helpful advice about Ashley and our whole pack. When we have seen Meredith for follow up training, Ashley is so excited to see her. I can’t say enough good things about our experience with Meredith and the benefits bestowed upon our family! I highly recommend this program.
Response from the owner: Meredith will appreciate this review, Amy. We appreciate your trust. 🙂
Can’t believe how great our experience was with Pavlov here in Portland, OR. Meredith was effective and considerate of both our furry friend Annabelle and us humans as we learned how to enforce desired behavior. Our 3 year old basset hound was quite the wild girl and now she is in control and follows the rules. It has really helped bring us closer with her and we are so thankful! 10/10 recommend anyone giving Pavlov a shot!
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Highly recommend Kylah and the 3 week board and train off leash program with Pavlov Dog Training! My 16 month lab puppy is always very excited to go on walks or adventures, but had trouble focusing and not letting the distractions or excitement take over. He knew the basic commands, but wasn’t proficient at always listening to them, and had lots of trouble with distractions and any duration commands. But after Kaylah worked with him, I can’t believe that I can now take my puppy off leash on walks and even if he sees other people or dogs walk right by him, he will stay and listen to my commands!! He walks in perfect heal, on or off leash. He is now a perfect dog to take to a restaurant/patio, he will stay in place and be calm for long periods of time. I’m excited for all the summer activities that I will now be able to enjoy with my well trained puppy!
Response from the owner: Cheers to a patio dog, Heather!
Kylah and Pavlov did amazing work with my dog. She came back amazingly well trained and the follow up sessions were a great help in reinforcing the training. Strongly recommended!
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