Madalyn – Dog Trainer Helper

 Professional Credentials
  • Undergraduate degree in Animal Studies (University of Nebraska)
  • Doggie Daycare Attendant at Uplifting Paws (Lincoln, NE)
  • Kennel Technician Experience
  • Gym Attendant (University Gym)
  • Dog Foster Parent

Madalyn’s resume chronicles a clear path toward a dog career. Madalyn received her undergraduate in Animal Sciences from the University of Nebraska, where she mentally downloaded the academic side to the animal world. Class subjects included companion animal behavior, nutrition, and canine physiology. Madalyn’s university summers were spent as a kennel technician for a dog training company in Wheatridge, where she practiced animal husbandry – namely, feeding, cleaning, giving medication, and overall getting practical experience. Between university classes, Madalyn worked for Uplifting Paws doggie daycare where she managed large playgroups and worked with a range of breed types. This organization also had a training department that trained therapy dogs, which further tickled her interest in dog training.

Madalyn also worked part-time at her university gym, where according to her former employer, she was, “easy to get along with, self-motivated, and the most-reliable staff member.” Glowing reviews from previous employers open doors, hence her acceptance onto Team Pavlov!