Cat scratching your favorite leather couch?

“Help! My cat is scratching my favorite leather sofa!”

Cats scratch for multiple reasons. For one, it’s good exercise. It tenses and stretches back muscles leaving a cat relaxed afterwards. My yogi friend jokingly says its a form of kitty yoga. Who knew a good scratching session could beget feline zen tranquility?

Secondly, it is a visual marker. It says, “Hey, I’m here. I just want to put my initials here so everyone knows I’ve got this area covered.

Reasons aside, kitty yoga and your favorite leather couch do NOT belong in the same sentence.  Heed the following:

-Couches are heavy and they don’t wobble. Get yourself a sturdy scratching post.

-Is your cat scratching a vertical or horizontal plane? If he has a vertical scratching post, but he’s scratching the horizontal part of your sofa, get him a horizontal scratching surface.

-Put the scratching surface in an area he WANTS to scratch. A guest bedroom tucked away in the basement may not make his heart go pitter-patter. Put the scratching post in an area he prefers to scratch and your couch will not fall victim.

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