K-9 First Aid & CPR

K9 First aid and cpr logo

You’ve heard of First Aid certification for people, but have you heard of it for dogs?

Eric Roth is a certified paramedic who takes time out of his busy week saving lives in the back of a Denver ambulance to teach K9 First Aid & CPR classes.

Here is a quick sample of the emergency topics you’ll learn in his first aid class:

  • toxic food consumption,
  • poisoning
  • heat stroke
  • torn ears
  • seizures
  • animal fights
  • bloat
  • shock
  • burns
  • allergic reactions

K9 dummy

The class is educational, entertaining, and you get the chance to perform CPR on a K9 dummy.

Best of all, it may save your dog’s life.

For more information go to: www.k9firstaidandcpr.com





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