Private Training + Group Class Hybrid

Enrollment: $1100  

Teach your dog to focus on you and respond attentively to your requests! We offer a hybrid program of private training followed by group classes.  Private lessons are customize for your dog’s specific needs. You and your trainer will discuss priorities and training goals during your dog’s first session. Lessons are 50-60 minutes each, in your home and neighborhood, to achieve results in real-world settings. We offer two levels of training: the first to teach a solid foundation, and the second to ensure distraction-proof reliability.


Dogs 6 months & older

  • 4 in-home lessons, 50-60 minute sessions
  • One week of homework between lessons.
  • Group Classes: 2 Months Membership in Group Classes after completing private lessons.
  • Scheduling. We book private lessons nearly every day of the week. (If you have a vacation planned, we will navigate around your schedule.)  Group classes are Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm and 1pm.  Join the fun at 1295 S Jason Street, Denver.

Obedience skills start with a positive approach using food and praise to motivate learning. Then, we practice those skills in new settings so your dog learns they mean the same thing everywhere. Finally, we supplement with traditional training, so your dog understands the importance of responding to cues regardless of the environment.  Upon completion, your dog will have a two month pass to attend group classes.  Group classes are held in southwest Denver on Saturdays and Sundays at 1pm, and Thursdays at 6pm.


$1100 (4 lessons, new clients)
$600 (3 lessons, current or past clients)

Obedience Level 2 is for clients who want their dogs to respond to obedience cues out in the real world, in the presence of passing dogs, chirping squirrels, and other prey-like creatures.  Advance your training from the living room to the real world!

We teach dogs to come when called, off-leash and untethered! Pavlov’s off-leash program is a hybrid of traditional and motivational training. Read about our dog training approach here.  Training begins in safely enclosed outside spaces and progresses to off-leash areas.

Prerequisites for the Off-Leash Come Program:

  • A solid foundation of obedience 1 (be it with Pavlov or elsewhere)
  • Owners who are willing to tell their dog “No” and enforce it
  • A quality remote electronic collar (e-collar), specifically the EZ Educator. Quality e-collars generally costs between $220-$280.

Pavlov uses low-level stimulation electronic collar training to teach your dog how to respond to subtle sensations. This will allow you to communicate with your dog remotely, even if he’s chasing a squirrel towards a busy street. This is not shock training of yesteryear, which used e-collars solely to give high-level corrections. If you have yet to learn this modern, humane way of using an e-collar, we look forward to showing you how it can be done while leaving your dog joyful and SAFE off-leash.

(Aggression, reactivity, and emotional issues are addressed in our behavior programs.)


Below is a sample of obedience and self-control skills we can help with:

  • Sit / Stay
  • Down / Stay
  • Responding to name
  • Introduction to coming-when-called
  • No (Stop that)
  • Walking politely on the leash
  • Politely greeting guests
  • Respecting personal space
  • Staying off of prohibited areas
  • Coming when called off-leash


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