Private Obedience + Group Classes

Obedience 1, on-leash

Enrollment: $750  Private training is specifically for preschool graduates and former clients.  If you are new to Pavlov and you have a dog six months or older, please consider board-and-train.

Dogs 6 months & older

  • 4 private lessons, 55-60 minute sessions.  This includes 3 lessons at our facility and 1 lesson is at a public park
  • Group Classes + Pack walks:  This is included after private training.  Class runs on Saturdays, and the time differs throughout the year.
  • One week of homework between lessons
  • Scheduling. Private lessons generally meet once weekly between 12pm – 6:30pm  (If you have a vacation planned, we will navigate around your schedule.)

Obedience 2, off-leash

Enrollment: $450

Obedience Level 2 upgrades to off-leash with the humane use of the remote electronic collar.   Training begins in safely enclosed outside spaces and progresses to off-leash areas.  (3 lessons, for dogs who have completed Pavlov’s level 1)


  • Pavlov’s obedience 1, on-leash.
  • Owners who are willing to tell their dog “No” and enforce it.
  • The EZ Educator.  Quality electronic collars generally cost between $220-$280, and may be purchased with the program.

Pavlov uses low-level stimulation electronic collar training to teach your dog how to respond to subtle physical prompts.  This will allow you to communicate with your dog remotely, even if he’s chasing a squirrel towards a busy street. This is not shock training of yesteryear, which used e-collars solely to give high-level corrections. If you have yet to learn this modern, humane way of using an e-collar, we look forward to showing you how it can be done while leaving your dog joyful and SAFE off-leash.

(Aggression, reactivity, and emotional issues are addressed in board-and-train programs.) Email to enroll.

What can my dog learn?

  • Walking on a leash
  • Heel
  • No jumping
  • No barking
  • Respecting personal space
  • Politely greeting house guests
  • Coming when called
  • Sit / Stay
  • Down / Stay
  • No (stop that)