Welcome to Pavlov Dog Training! We train Portland’s most charming family dogs.

Select from private dog training, or board and train.  Are you looking to upgrade your dog’s manners or resolve a behavior issue?  We can help!

Private training consists of weekly visits from a certified trainer. Your trainer will assess your dog’s specific learning style, and compose a training program based on your needs.  At the end of each training session, you will receive clearly defined homework.

Board and train may be ideal if you prefer to contract out the lion’s share of work to a professional. Your dog will live in his or her dog trainer’s home and learn throughout the day.  Campers benefit from three daily socialization sessions with fellow dogs.  Field trips are included.

PAVLOV’s Training Approach

Pavlov advocates for a healthy hybrid of traditional and contemporary training.  Some call this balanced dog training.  Rude, naughty behavior is directly corrected.  Polite behavior is liberally rewarded. Your dog will learn that wise choices are advantageous.

How Are We Different?

  1. Board + Train in your trainer’s cozy home
  2. Socialization groups 3x daily
  3. Traditional + Contemporary Dog Training
  4. 4.9-5 Stars on Google
  5. 4.9-5 Stars on Yelp
  6. Voted Best Training in Portland (Expertise)

What does a Pavlov-trained dog look like?