Dog Training Careers

(Open Position) Balanced Dog Trainer.  Boarding in trainer’s home + animal care + dog training + client coaching

Are you able to board dogs in your personal home?  Do you have exceptional people skills? Do you have at least one year of publicly verifiable experience training dogs with balanced methods?

Continue if you answered ‘yes’ to both.

Job description

Pavlov seeks a dog trainer to board and train dogs, as well as coach families.  This position includes feeding, cleaning, taking dogs to the vet, managing socialization groups, tending to social media, and all duties associated with working board-and-train clients. Trainers email updates twice-weekly so families may get a sense for their pup’s progress. Each program follows 3-5 handover lessons. This position reports to the Lead Dog Trainer.


Join a bright and fun team of high performing dog trainers! Pavlov has 100+ reviews between Google and Yelp. We are also blessed with a 4.9-5.0 star status on both platforms. Pavlov dog trainers appreciate continuing education in the form of regular team meetups and ongoing support and coaching.


* 1 Year of verifiable employment as a balanced dog trainer, or graduation from an in-person balance school for dog trainers.

* Familiar with concepts of traditional and contemporary training. Ideally a strong skill set with a prong collar, and remote electronic collar. (Candidates must be genuinely curious and open to learning all skills, tools, and approaches.)

* Able to email videos of dogs you’ve trained.

* Secure + safe home and enclosed yard to board dogs.

* Reliable transportation.

* Professional presentation. This is applicable to written, verbal, and in-person presentation.

* Ability to work independently.

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Compensation is based on the number of dogs trained each day.  Anticipate 3-5 dogs a day, for an average of twenty days each month.  Compensation ranges from $4,080 to $8000 per month.


Email Tanya your resume along with a cover letter explaining what you bring to the table at Promising applicants will be invited to interview by phone.  Information provided will be verified prior to a job offer. *Details are your friend.  Give us reason to contact you.