Kylah – Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant

 Professional Credentials

Meet Pavlov dog trainer, Kylah! Kylah received a certificate from the Michael Ellis School for dog trainers in Santa Rosa, California. This is a highly respected full-immersion school which meets for eight hours a day, five days a week for just under five months. During this time she adopted her malinois from Michael Ellis’ breeding program, who she adopted for recreational sport work. His name is Zeppelin. Zeppelin and Kylah dabbled in various dog sports including mondioring which includes a combination of scent tracking, obedience, and protection sports.

Upon graduation, Kylah moved to Patras, Greece where she helped open a board-and-train business called ‘The Balanced Canine’. She conducted lessons, evaluations, training, socializing, and behavior modification. During this time she gained plenty of hands-on experience in a professional atmosphere. Kylah appreciated the experience and returned to the United States to accept a position as a board-and-train trainer in Arvada, Colorado. She lived on-site in one of the spare rooms, so the dogs could have someone overseeing their care even after hours. During this time Kylah was a jack of all trades – training five board-and-trains at a time, tending to animal care, and doing so while maintaining a presentable facility. This experience combined with sport-dog work, and a certificate with backbone, caught our attention. Cue Kylah’s employment with Pavlov as the Lead Dog Trainer for the Denver branch.¬† After working there for some time, she felt a calling to work with board-and-train dogs in Portland.¬† We are blessed to have Kylah!