Meredith – Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant

Professional Credentials

Meredith originates from a small farming community in rural Missouri, where as a child she showed and trained dogs, horses, and rabbits at the county fair. Meredith grew up as the daughter of a veterinarian, which taught her animal husbandry skills at a young and biddable age.

Inspired by animals, Meredith interned under Tim Franks at On Command Canine Training in Joplin, Missouri. After six months of studies in 2018, she graduated at the top of her class. Consequently, doors opened. Meredith worked alongside Warrior Dogs Foundation, a non-profit organization which trains service dogs. During her time with Warrior Dogs, she trained dogs for autistic children, veterans, and people with mobility challenges. This position gave her the opportunity to put her academic knowledge to work. She trained for medical alert, deep pressure therapy, and post-traumatic stress disorder response. During the advanced stages of the process, she trained in schools and hospitals to ensure service dogs were resilient in public spaces.

In 2020 Meredith uprooted to Portland, to pursue coursework at Portland Community College.

In her free time you may find Meredith hiking, riding dirt bikes, or bicycling with a dog at her side.