Ethan – Dog Trainer Helper

 Professional Credentials
  • Team Leader at Canines Canyon Doggie Daycare (Golden)
  • Skilled at managing K-9 socialization groups
  • Skilled at delivering medications
  • Mentored under Dog Trainer Quinn Zablocki
  • Mentored under Dog Trainer Chelsea Perez

Meet Ethan, a Colorado native whose passion for dogs infuses every aspect of his work at Pavlov. With a genuine love for every furry friend that crosses our threshold, Ethan fills our team with joy and enthusiasm each day. You’ll often find him immersed in play with multiple dogs, showering them with affection and compliments that reflect his genuine adoration for them. Ethan’s journey in the world of dogs began at Canines Canyon Doggie Daycare, where he swiftly rose to the role of Team Leader. Over the 18 months he was there, Ethan honed his skills in canine care while simultaneously finishing up his education at Golden High School.¬† At Canines Canyon, Ethan ensured the well-being of every dog under his watchful eye, from feeding and medicating to providing ample playtime and a clean environment.¬†While his schooling prepared him for a career in construction (even volunteering with Habitat for Humanity to build homes!), Ethan’s heart remained steadfastly devoted to the world of dogs. His deep-seated love for all things canine led him to join the Pavlov family shortly after high school graduation. Outside of his canine companions, including his own 6-year-old black lab Faith, you’ll often find Ethan gliding through the streets on his rollerblades, embracing the freedom of movement and enjoying the beauty of Colorado.