Rachael – Primary Dog Trainer

 Professional Credentials
  • Camp Counselor at Training Wheels LLC (Broomfield, CO)
  • Camp Counselor at Scout’s Honor (Bloomington, IN)
  • Certified Professional Animal Care Provider
  • Mentored by Quinn Zablocki

Meet Dog Trainer Rachael! Rachael grew up near the mountains of Colorado. She brings her passion and expertise in dog training to our team at Pavlov. With a background in Psychology from Colorado Christian University, Rachael’s journey into dog training was ignited by her academic pursuits.

Beginning her professional career at Scouts Honor in Bloomington, IN, Rachael quickly distinguished herself by providing exceptional care to all canine companions, earning her a leadership role as a shift lead. After a strong year at Scout’s she decided that Colorado was her home and moved back. She then transitioned to Training Wheels where she not only used her skills from Scout’s she began training dogs, she worked with dogs of all sizes and behaviors! Rachael’s approach to training emphasizes patience and individualized care, ensuring each dog receives the tailored attention they need to thrive.

Rachael’s dedication to her craft is exemplified by her personal relationship with her own Black Lab, Wednesday. Over the course of their time together, Rachael has diligently assisted Wednesday in overcoming reactivity issues towards both dogs and people. Beyond her passion for dog training, Rachael finds pleasure in recreational pursuits that not only stimulate her intellect but also promote a sense of companionship. Whether it’s tackling escape rooms or enjoying a friendly board game with friends, Rachael searches for intellectual stimulation around every corner!